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Lemon Tree Building Standard #RNC 2000

Standard Code: #RNC/BS 2001 
Site Preparation & Domolition : Not Included
Footing Concrete Standard: 20Kpa 
Concrete Footing pouring Time: 1 Business Day
Footing Depth: Between 600mm and 1000mm
Slab (Poured Integral): 100mm
Mesh: SL72 
Concrete Footing Area: 121 sqm
Termite Treatment: Included
Water Pipe: Connect with Australia Standard(Sewer pipe maximum length of 60LM,Water Pipe maximum length 10LM);
External Cladding: 75mm AAC Panel;100mm AAC Panel for Party Wall AAC Panel for Party Wall
External Paint: Dulux,Solver or enquivalent brand,2 colours choose from builder range 
Internal Paint: 3 coatings(Dulux,Solver or enquivalent brand) 
Insulation: External Wall-R2.0, Roof -R5.0
Roof Pitch: 20 degree
Eaves: 400mm - 600mm
Celling Height: 2700mm
Roof Material:: Colorbond,Rust-proofed Facias,Gutters and PVC Downpipes;
Roof Profile: Hip & Valley
Smoke Alarm : Installed according to Australian Standard
Electricity Meter: Electrical Consumer Mains Allowrance(Maximum Length 11LM single phase in total from ETSA pit)  Isolator, 
Electricity Circuit: 6Ka circuit breaker,24 circuits with swithes
Wind Speed: 28m/s (N1)
Flood Zone: N/A
Bush Fire Zone: N/A
Corrosion Proof Treatment: N/A
Rain Water Tank: 2000L with water pump

* Vendors needs to provide clear access to site in order for the building work to start
* In this standard the concrete pouring is estimated to be finished in one day. Multiple pouring would incur extra costs
*Garage and porch quoted are under main roof 
*We provide WH&S Plan and will cover the cost it may incurs
*We are responsible for cleaning off the construction rubbish
* We will notify you inclusions and exclusions at time of signing of contract 


  • Building standard does not include related Council Approval, DAC Approval fee.
  • This package does not include any fee related to Structural design fee , engineering costs or building work drawing fee. 
  • Site Preparation and site cleaning & Demolition is not included in the Building Standard , extra costs may occur.
  • Owner would be liable for the storage or transportation costs caused by limited site space or special weather conditions.

❮Lemon Tree Standard Summary❯

Lemon Tree 25 Non Structural Building Standard -Standard A Floor Plan

Standard Code:RNC/ID 2002
Two-Storey Modern Design Townhouse
Garage  2 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 3
Floor Plan Area
Building Size: 214 sqm
Garage: 37.87 sqm
Main Bedroom: 35 sqm
Ensuite: 4.23 sqm
Bedroom 2: 10.62 sqm
Bedroom 3: 10.57 sqm
Bathroom: 6.46 sqmAlfresco: 16.26 sqm

*The statics shown above was from a real case of Lemon Tree. Your particular case could be quoted based on this Standard. Difference between the Standard A Floor Plan and your particular case would be considered during quotation.

1. Garage Standard

Material: Colorbond panel
Accessories: 3 sets of remote
Style: Sectional Panel Garage Door
Standard Size: 5400mm * 2400mm
Colour: To be choosen from builder range

2-1. Internal Door Standard

Description: Internal Painted Flush Door
Material: Medium Density Fiber board (MDF)
Style: Mix Paint
Standard Size: 2040*820mm, 2040*720mm, 2040*620mm
Colour: To be choosen from builder range

2-2. Entrance Door Standard

Material: Medium Density Fiber board (MDF)
Workmanship Standard: Wood Veneer/Baking Varnish 
Standard Size: 2040*820mm, 2040*720mm, 2040*620mm
Colour: To be choosen from builder range

3-1.Internal Wall Standard-Water Proof Area

Material: 10mm Concrete Sheet
Dimension: 2400mm*1200mm*10mm, 3600mm*1350mm*10mm
Workmanship Standard: 

3-2. Internal Wall Standard-Normal Area

Material: 10mm Gyprock Board
Dimension: 2400mm*1200mm*10mm, 3600mm*1350mm*10mm
Workmanship Standard:

4-1. Floor Standard-Floor Board

Material: 12mm High Density Fiber Board( Laminate Floor Board)
Workmanship: Wood Veneer  Seamless Floor Board Installing
Dimension: 1220mm*200mm*12mm (per piece) 

5-1 Laundry Standard- Floor

Description: Glazed Tiles
Material: Semi-Porcelain/ Semi-Glazed/ Glazed
Style: In the style of the ancients
Dimension: 600mm*600mm

5-1 Laundry Standard-Cupboard and Bench top

Material: Cabinet Body-16mm water proof board,  Back Board-5mm MDF Board,  Door Sheet-16mm water proof board, Panel-18mm MDF board
Cupboard Handle: 
Aluminum door handle/ Hidden Handle
Bench top: 
Acrylic Finish
Cupboard Veneer Workmanship: 
LCT/UV veneer/Melamine Boards
Water Proof Board: 

6. Appliances Standard

Description: Kitchen Appliance and Air Conditioning System
Oven: SMEG 60cm Classic Thermoseal Oven
Dishwasher: BLANCO 60cm freestanding Dishwasher
Cooktop: SMEG 60cm Classic Gas Cooktop 
Range hood: SMEG 60cm Concealed Undermount Rangehood
Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning System: Mitsubishi - FDUA100
Manufacture Warranty: Refer to User Manual 

* In the Kitchen Standard, Cook Top, Oven & Range Hood will use SMEG or other equivalent brands. Dishwasher will use Blanco or equivalent brand
* In the Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning System, the brand will be Mitsubishi or equivalent brand.

7-1. Kitchen Standard-Material and Workmanship

Cabinet Body Standard: Floor Cabinet- 16mm water proof board, Back Board-5mm MDF Board, Overhead Cabinet-16mm water proof board, Back Board-16mm water proof board
Handle: Aluminum Handle/ Hidden Handle/ 45 degree Angle Design
Bench Top: 
Artificial Quartz Stone
PETG/LCT/Baking Varnish/Acrylic/Melamine Boards

7-2. Kithcen Standard-Stone Bench Top

Material: Artificial Quarz Stone, thickness 40mm

7-3.1. Kitchen Standard-Accessories- Floor Cabinet-corner basket

Material: Stainless Steel

* Only available when cupboard has corner cabinet

7-3.2. Kitchen Standard-Accessories-Dish Basket,Pan Basket, Seasoning Bottle Drawer, U-Shape Drawer

Description: Dish Basket,Pan Basket, Seasoning Bottle Drawer, U-Shape Drawer
Material: Stainless Steel

*Dish Basket, Pan Basket, Seasoning Bottle Drawer are standard regardless of the cupboard design. U-Shape Drawer, however, require special designs to fit in. 

7-3.3. Kitchen Standard-Accessories-Cutlery Tray

Description: Cutlery Tray
Material: Stainless Steel

8.Door and Window Standard

Description: Aluminum Sliding Door/ Window
Material: Aluminum 6063-T5*, Uw:3.8, SHGC:0.44, Tvw:0.48, achieve <AS/NZS2208 Standard>
Aluminum Thickness: Door 2.0mm, Window 1.4mm
Style: Double Glazed, Low E & Frosted Glass, including window screen
Testing Technical: Wind and water proof test, Key Test

* Uw : The whole window U-value 
* U Value:The lower the value is, the stronger the insulation ability 
* SHGCw : The whole window solar heat gain coefficient 
* Tvw : The whole window visible (light) transmittance 

9.Outdoor Area Standard

Description: Outdoor Area
Material: Wooden frame with wood-plastic floorboard; LED ceiling light or LED Ceiling Fan
Style: Wood- Plastic Composites
Dimension:  150mm*25mm*2200mm

10.Landscaping Standard

Description: Fence, Driveway 
Material: Colorbond Fence, Concrete Driveway

11. Carpet Standard

Style:7mm thickness, 1680 g/m2

12. Balcony Standard


*For detailed samples photo please refer to <Laundry Standard-Floor>tiles style   

13-1.Bathroom Standard-Bathroom Accessories

Material: Ceramic/ 304 Stainless Steel
Standard Package: Water Tap/Shower Head/Towel Rack/ Paper Hanger/ Floor Drain/Shower Screen/ Bath tub/ Toilet 

13-2.Bathroom Standard- Bathroom Cabinet

Description: Bathroom Cabinet Body 
Cabinet Body: 
Cabinet Body and Backboard 16 mm water-proof board 
Bench Top: 
Artificial Quartz Stone/Acrylic Finish 
Aluminum Handle/ Hidden Handle/45 angle design
PETG/LCT/Baking Varnish/Acrylic/ Melamine Boards

* For further information of Cabinet Body and Veneer please refer to
* Dimension of cabinet is determined by the Floor Plan Design, You can choose the veneer material and style from Builder Range.

14. Master Room Walk-in Wardrobe Standard

Material: Cabinet body 18mm MDF Board, Backboard 9mm MDF board, 
Veneer type: Melamine Boards/LCT
Pattern: 32 patterns available from Builder's Range/ Customize Design

*For further information for cabinet material or veneer type, please read #RNS/ID2002/7-1

15.Lighting Standard

Description: LED lights
Material:LED lights through out whole house;
Quantity:20 LED Ceiling lights;2 Bath Heater;Exhaust Fan;4 Moulding lights;4 Outdoor lights;2 Motion Sensor lights;LED Ceiling Fan

* Moulding lights will be used in Kitchen and Bedroom

16.Staircase Standard

Available MaterialTreads- MDF 300*32/Raisers-MDF 200*16

* Designs of stair case varies from project to project, the strength of the material meets Australia Standard;

17. Guest Bedroom Wardrobe

Material: Cabinet body 18mm MDF Board, Backboard 9mm MDF board, Veneer type: Melamine Boards/LCT
Handle Standard: Aluminum Handle/Hidden Handle
Pattern: 32 patterns available from Builder's Range/ Customize Design

*For further information for cabinet material or veneer type, please read #RNS/ID2002/7-1

Quotation Method-Component Break Up Calculation

Standard Code: #RNC/BC 2003
Standard Description: Lemon Tree Quotation Method——<Component Break Up Calculation>
Model of Execution:Floor Plan➠Break Up➠Comparing to Standard Package➠Calculation➠Quotation*
Design&Plan:Working Drawing;Engineer Report;Energy Report;
Confirmation Method :Email or any written documents


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