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Quality Control

Lemon Tree Digital Managing System

11 Building Structural Standard

33 Interior Work Quality Control Standard  

Lemontree residential house or townhouse - quality and process control standard #RNB 3000

Digital Managing System

Standard Number:#RNB/PM 3001;
Standard DescriptionLemon Tree Digital Managing System aims to enhance the efficiency of work among different departments and ensure the quality standard is met.
Software1:<Lemon Tree Cloud Gantt>*
Software 2:<Lemon Tree Cloud table 'Houban Yun>*
Customer Interactive Method: Register and download mobile application on smart phone, login to Lemon Tree Working Zone, information about work-in-process, council approved document, etc. will be uploaded onto tables on cloud, customer can follow up anytime.
Service Charge:covered by Building Cost, NO OTHER SERVICE CHARGE

*<Lemon Tree Cloud table 'Houban Yun> main function are as follow:
1. Real-time back up for project schedule 
2. Provide standard Check list, to ensure about every stages of work fulfilled standard quality
3. Construction-related document storage (e.g. engineer report, floor plan, etc.)

Cloudy Gantter
Cloudy Gantter

 Cloud table 'Houban Yun'

Could table 'site log'

Structural and Quality Control Standard

Standard number:#RNB/SQC 3002
Standard description:During the process of construction, Lemon Tree supervisor goes on site on a regular basis to check process of the project, record 'site log', coordinate between tradesman and prevent omission in the whole process. Only when the quality standard is reached, it can proceed to the next stage. Otherwise, tradesman will be recalled to commence fixing accordingly. 'Site Log', evaluation data , process summary, photos and videos are stored in cloud. 

Footing stage evaluation: Area and depth of Footing complies with engineer instructions, concrete flatness evaluate, engineer on-site survey qualified and sign-off.
Framing and external wall: Supervisor on-site measure data and compare with original design, Photo taking for record. 
Comparison and sampling: sample check firmness connection between external wall and timber framing, gaps between two walls, horizontal and vertical level of wall being actuate. 
Roofing: evaluate gaps between frame and roofing and vertical level of house roof.
Plumbing and electrical system: 
stages from footing to completion plumbing and electrical is required to run through the house. evaluation included but not limited to: position of plumbing system, position of electricity outlay, error between actual and drawing, material quality evaluation.
Customer Interactive Method: customer/buyer can overview actual situation through cloud system, on-site participate by appointment. 
Service Charge: Covered by project cost, no other service charge.

* Customer/buyer is required register Google package and provide e-mail address in order to get access authority. 
*Privacy agreement: information and document is only available for user's project in order to ensure protect privacy from other user.

Internal Decoration Quality Standard

Standard Number: #RNB/IQC 3002
Standard description: Quality control of internal decoration is evaluated by type of production
Insolation quality standard: Overall placing uniformity
Any area falls off from framing
Gyprock quality standard: Gaps between roofing and Gyprock less than 5mm
Sample check firmness between Gyprock and framing
Gyprock smoothness, view by spot light
Waterproof quality standard: Waterproof paint crossly by 2 times
Shower room waterproof paint higher 1800mm
Bath area and basin area paint higher 1200mm
Tiles quality standard:24 Hours closed water system before tiler starts tiling
Vertical level error less than 3mm
Tile stickiness test
Smoothness between 2 tiles
Cornice and wainscoting quality standard:Vertical level by electrical spirit level
Cornice connection less than 1mm
Gap between Wainscoting and door frame less than 2mm
Linking gap between skiting and floor board less than 2-3mm
Height finished level error less than 1mm
Paint quality standard:Paint smoothness by natural light or spot light
Overall any problem with pattern, colour error or peeling
Vertical level of wall evaluates by electrical spirit level
Internal door installation quality standard:45° door frame vertical cross check
Hardware locks
Upper Error between door and door frame by 1.5-4mm
Lower Error between door and door frame in entry: 4-6mm, internal door 6-8 mm, bathroom 8-10 mm
Kitchen cabinet quality standard:Horizontal level for the whole kitchen cabinet
Plumbing Linking accessories
Handle, basket, hinge joint bearing and open test
Stair quality standard:Step smoothness
Firmness - stair frame and linking joints are firmly linked
Carpet quality standard:Surface smoothness - finishes tight, no gap between joint
Floorboard quality standard:
Direction of floorboard fulfil design requirement
Smoothness by spirit level, less than 3mm
Rework necessary for deformation and warping

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